Membership Renewal

Membership with TESL Sask requires annual renewal.  Membership renewal is also required for accreditation status.

The TESL Sask Board enacted a new policy around expired memberships.  Once an individual’s membership has expired:

  • One month (30 days) after the date of expiry, an email reminder will be sent.
  • Two months (60 days) after the date of expiry, another email reminder will be sent.
  • Three months (90 days) after the date of expiry, both surface mail and email reminders will be sent.  At this point, no further TESL Canada dues will be paid for the individual, effectively removing him/her from TESL Canada membership.  This will be noted in the reminders being sent.
  • Six months after the date of expiry, an accredited member will lose his/her accredited status.
  • One year after the date of expiry, a final reminder will be sent.  If there is no response to this, the individual will be removed from TESL Saskatchewan’s membership database.

In order to renew your membership, please fill out the membership application again.  We request that you fill out a new membership application so that we may keep our records up-to-date.

Membership Type First Time Registration Fee* Annual Dues

October 1-September 30

General Member  (One Year) $25 $65
Two Year Membership $25 $110
Student Member N/A $30
Accreditation Fee N/A $75
Re-Accreditation Fee N/A $20
Late Fee N/A $20

*First Time Registration Fee- is a one-time administrative fee that is due at the time of registering to become a member or for membership that have lapsed for one year or more.

** Late Fee: members who have not renewed their membership dues by September 30 are required to pay a late fee.