TESL Sask/SKTEAL 2021 Conference- Shifting Practice

9:00am - 3:00pm, April 17, 2021

To view the Conference Website for Session Handouts and other information, please visit our conference website by clicking the link below. Impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, language educators, administrators and learners have been driven to adapt the way we interact, learn and work with one another in relatively new spaces to most of us: virtual classrooms and offices. Even those working in physical spaces have been forced to adapt due to masking policies and physical distancing, making communicating and language learning more challenging than ever before. The time and physical boundaries of the traditional classroom and work spaces have been deeply affected, or have disappeared altogether in some contexts. Binders full of teaching resources have lost their magic, and catching up with ever-evolving educational apps has been dizzying. We have had to re-imagine our daily routine. Teachers, learners and school administrators have had to adapt their practices to teach, learn, and administer effectively during this crisis-driven time. Our 2021 conference theme, Shifting Practice, reflects not only how TESL practitioners, EAL teachers, and language learners have adjusted their day-to-day routine, but also how we think about our teaching practices and programs as we move forward.

Conference Website

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