TESL Saskatchewan PD Event~Gamification

4:00-6:00pm, November 23, 2019

Join us for a professional development workshop on Gamification - the art of turning learning into games to engage learners and increase interest. This workshop will be facilitated by Chayan Mallick, M.A. Applied Linguistics, CELTA, TESL Ontario, LIT2T. For more details, click to see inside.


Gamification in e-learning has emerged as an effective way to increase learner engagement and motivation. This session explains gamification and demonstrates ways of adding different types of games to a Moodle course. It also shows how Moodle badges can be used to recognize skills and achievements. Edulinc.org, a Moodle site funded by IRCC, is used to demonstrate these concepts.

Chayan Mallick Bio:

Chayan (M.A. Applied Linguistics, CELTA, TESL Ontario, LIT2T) has more than 18 years of ESL teaching experience in home and abroad. She has been teaching at Saskatchewan Polytechnic as a LINC Instructor since 2013. She is also the Lead Instructor of the Blended LINC Program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Chayan is also an online mentor/ trainer for LearnIT2Teach trainings.

November 23rd, 2019
University of Regina
Location details will be emailed upon registration confirmation.
Refreshments will be included.

The cost of this Professional Development is free for all TESL Saskatchewan members. Non- members are welcome to register but will need to pay the registration cost of $25 per person. 
Please feel free to forward this message to anyone that you think would be interested in attending this event.

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The deadline to register for this event is November 18, 2019.

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