Early Language Learning Curriculum Resource for Newcomers(Pre-LINC) + CCR Virtual Fall Consultation

  • Introducing ELL : An Early Language Learning Curriculum Resource for Newcomers (Pre-LINC)
    • One of the key skills needed by newcomers to Canada is the ability to communicate in one of the country’s official language. However, formal language training classes such as LINC often require several days per week attendance, which can be difficult to manage for newcomers juggling jobs, family and/or other commitments. Some newcomers are also not ready for intensive classroom learning due to limited education in their own countries or being away from school for so long.
    • This presentation introduces providers to a new resource to address this need: the ELL (Early Language Learning) curriculum for Literacy to CLB 3 newcomers. ELL provides material and support documents to create a pre-LINC program of task-based English language learning, or to guide volunteers in delivering conversation circles or in-home language tutoring. Participants in the presentation learn about the components of ELL such as Instructor Guides, Learner Handouts, and Volunteer Tutoring Scripts, as well as details of the different ways ELL can be delivered.
    • With ELL, newcomers work toward informal skill-using tasks, build confidence, learn about resources in the community, and break the cycle of isolation surrounding immigrants and refugees with low levels of English. They also become more ready for structured LINC learning when their personal circumstances allow. Learn how to add ELL to your programming to benefit newcomers!
    • If you have any questions about this program, please contact Yusra Qadir – HIPPY Canada at [email protected]
    • Presentation for ELL Scheduled for : October 23rd, 2020 at 11 AM SK Time

  • Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR) Virtual Fall Consultation
    • This consultation provides a key opportunity for all those in the settlement sector to connect with others across Canada, to dialogue with government and to learn from experts in many areas. With views from all Canadian provinces, the Consultation offers opportunities for professional development, networking and strategy. The Virtual Consultation will feature a series of workshops and on-line meetings as well as a social event.
      • When : November 26th – December 11th 2020(with two non-concurrent sessions per day)
      • Where : Online
      • Who : Refugees, immigrants, representatives of refugee and immigrant serving organizations, government, UNHCR, academics, community workers, lawyers, youth advocates
    • Registration will be open in the coming weeks and more information can be found at : https://ccrweb.ca/en/meetings
October 6, 2020 | Navdeep Dhillon

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