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the Literacy Centre of Expertise at TIES is happy to announce the release of a new reading resource for newcomer adults that we are hoping you can share with your members. We have created a set 40 phonics readers (across four levels) that feature stories relevant to newcomers, can be used with both literacy and mainstream learners, contain both PDF and digital interactive versions, and can be used for any delivery format (HyFlex/Hybrid, online or in-person classes).
We have exciting news!

The Literacy Centre of Expertise is very pleased to announce the release of 40 interactive phonics-based stories for literacy learners! All stories are aimed at adults, present relatable topics, and feature photos/audio of TIES literacy learners and staff (special thanks to the Centre for Newcomers, who were featured in two stories). All stories can be viewed on any digital device (computers, smartphones, etc.) and can also be printed.

Each set of 10 stories has a specific phonics focus for different levels of literacy learners, including initial sounds, short vowels, long vowels, and comparing long and short vowel sounds.

The interactive stories are formatted into sections, each with a different focus:
Oral language: audio is paired with correlating images
Story: audio paired with correlating images and text
Explicit phonics practice: interactive review of different phonics features
Sight words: review page highlighting sight words from the story

Along with interactive and PDF versions of each story, you will also find teacher's guides and instructional videos that provide direction on how these resources can be fully utilized in the classroom.

Check out these fantastic new resources
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LCE Phonics Stories
May 18, 2023 | Leah Buschmann

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