SAISIA: IRCC Clarity on financial contributions for staff working from home + Health Literacy Partnerships

Message from SAISIA Director

Hi Everyone,

I would like to share with you two items this afternoon :

  • Clarity from IRCC via CISSA-ACSEI on ability to provide monthly contribution to employees towards their home internet charges
    • In order to support alternative service delivery during the COVID-19 response, IRCC can contribute to the top-ups being provided to support IRCC-funded program delivery staff with the additional costs of working from home related to connectivity (cost of internet, cell plans, etc.) under the following circumstances:
      • The additional costs being borne by IRCC-funded program delivery staff are directly as a result of the COVID-19 response.
      • The recipient is providing a top-up to all its staff, whether IRCC-funded or not.
      • IRCC will contribute up to $30/month per IRCC-funded program delivery staff.
      • The top-up will be funded using the current budget allocation.
    • This support will cease once the recipient has returned to regular operations
    • However, to support the above claims during a financial monitor, the Recipient should be able to produce the following:
      • Supporting documentation such as invoices and/or billing statements from their staff to show that the cost is additional to their regular monthly billing would be required. A comparison of previous bills to the current bill could be reviewed to ensure that the cost is additional.
      • Either written confirmation or updated internal policies/procedures for example, that state that all staff are provided with the extra support, whether IRCC-funded or not.
  • Health Literacy Partnerships – Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association
    • By focusing on health literacy, this project aims to improve health outcomes for low literacy newcomer women, including refugees. These women play a key role in the health management of their families, so it’s important that they understand how the healthcare system works in Canada. The project is bringing together healthcare professionals, newcomers and language instructors to develop a series of tools and resources that help healthcare professionals deliver health services to newcomers, as well as help language instructors explain the healthcare system to newcomers. This kind of knowledge is vital during a public health crisis, as many vulnerable newcomers are not aware of available healthcare services or how to access them, and often face difficulties communicating their health needs and concerns to healthcare professionals.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns for either item.

Thanks and take care

Ahmad Majid

Executive Director | SAISIA

September 23, 2020 | Communications Chair

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