Sector - SAISIA - IRCC Meeting

Hi Everyone,

We would like to invite to you an Sector-SAISIA-IRCC call scheduled for October 14th at 7:30 PM on MS Teams(meeting link below). This will be a good opportunity for us all to come together and discuss any pressing/priority issues as we roll through the fall. Please let me know if you would like anything added to the agenda.

The current Agenda is as follows :

  • Introduction/Roll Call
  • SAISIA Updates
  • Government of Saskatchewan updates
  • IRCC Updates
    • Follow up on ADM Fraser Valentine’s Settlement Sector update including potential implications of 2021 landing number and budget announcements
    • Retention and attraction of newcomers to Saskatchewan’s small centres. What is IRCC doing to attract newcomers to Rural Saskatchewan?
  • Round-table discussions on best practices surrounding the re-opening of in-person services
  • Any Follow up Questions/Comments?

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October 6, 2020 | Navdeep Dhillon

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