Standard-Setting Workshop in Toronto

Learning Resource Network (LRN) is an awarding organization recognized by Ofqual that regulates qualifications, examinations, and assessments in England. We are presently planning a standard-setting study to be held in October 2021 in Toronto (Ontario). The purpose of this standard-setting is to align the scores of the International English Language Competency Assessment (IELCA) to the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) Levels 4 to 10.  We are currently seeking 25 language professionals from across Canada to serve as panelists for the standard-setting study. The panelists are expected to participate in judgements, and discussions with other panel members, to determine the extent to which the test items meet the language requirements for each CLB level. LRN will help familiarize the panelist with the IELCA by providing them with sample items for each part of the test prior to the start of the study. Questions will be further addressed on Day 1 of the study. The standard-setting will be guided by experts in language assessment to map the IELCA scores to CLB levels 4 to 10.

Qualifications required

1. Fluency in English

2. Expertise in teaching and/or assessing English as a second or foreign language

3. Minimum 3 years of teaching experience

4. Working knowledge of the Canadian Language Benchmarks (2012), and familiarity with the test-taker population seeking immigration into Canada.

5. Panelists must be comfortable with expressing their opinions by explaining and supporting their judgments and asking questions if things are unclear and be willing to listen to others and participate in constructive debate.

LRN will reimburse the selected panelists for their travel, accommodation, and meal expenses. In addition, LRN will also offer a compensation fee of 300 CAD per day for the four-day study. After the study and upon request, LRN will issue a professional development certificate confirming the number of professional development hours that each panelist contributed to the project. Upon their consent, the panelists names will be included in the report to be prepared after the study.

Tentative standard-setting dates

Arrival: Panelists are required to arrive on Tuesday October 19th, 2021(end of day)

Study Starts: Wednesday October 20 at 8:00am EST

Study Ends: Saturday, October 23rd at 17:30pm EST

Location: Toronto, ON (hotel to be confirmed)

If you are interested in participating in this study, please e-mail your CV to Dr. Sahib Hidri ([email protected]) and Muhammad Tariq [email protected] no later than September 29, 2021. In addition, please include a written description of how your skills and experience meet the required qualifications mentioned above.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about participating in this study.


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September 27, 2021 | Jerry Wang

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