TESL Canada - Health Benefits Package Information

July 27, 2021

Dear TESL Canada Members,
This is a friendly reminder that TESL Canada is pleased to announce a Health Benefits package for its members. Currently we are under-enrolled, so we ask that interested individuals sign up ASAP, so that we don’t lose this opportunity for our members. Please find below links to two files including the Power Point presentation and a recap of coverage presented by Brunswick Financial Group. The plan is exclusive to TESL Canada members and their families, provides excellent benefits, and allows co-insurance at a reasonable yearly fee. Current membership to TESL Canada is required. If you are not currently a member, please see below and sign up by the new extension date of September 1, 2021. 


Membership to TESL Canada is either with your provincial association if your province has an agreement with TESL Canada (ATESL, TESL SK, TESL MB, TESL NB, TESL NS, TESL NF) or by Direct Membership if you reside in one of the other provinces or territories. Please see the link below for information on TESL Canada membership.
We will be using electronic enrollment. Once we have the information compiled it will be sent to Blue Cross to initiate the enrollment. They will send out emails to have each member sign in to complete their application.

The following information is required:
•             Name:
•             DOB:
•             Proof of current TESL Canada membership, or affiliated Provincial membership (ie: copy of paid receipt or membership card)
•             Preferred Email:
•             Date of hire (maybe use date of membership to TESL Canada):
•             Province of employment:
•             Language English/French:
•             PAD agreement form for your monthly premiums. Section A is the Policyowner – TESL Canada but we need you to complete the rest to pay your own premiums.

If you have current benefits coverage please do not cancel until this plan has been finalized.

Please contact Theresa Hayward at Brunswick Financial Group at [email protected] if you are interested in signing up or have questions. Questions about TESL Canada membership can be directed to [email protected].

Have a great day!

Donald Moen, Ed.D. | Vice-President, TESL Canada
July 31, 2021 | Lisa Morhart

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