TESL Sask Student Bursary

The TESL Sask Student Bursary is awarded annually to a recent immigrant or refugee for the purpose of further education and training. 

In memory of Wayne Eger and Myrna Firman

TESL Sask is pleased to announce an annual bursary to one individual for the purpose of further education and training. Applications are open to all candidates who meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a recent immigrant or refugee (in Canada for up to 5 years);
  • Must be a Saskatchewan resident;
  • Must be enrolled or about to enroll in a provincially recognized postsecondary institution; or enrolled to take the Prior Learning Assessment exams which will further their education or professional development; and
  • Must demonstrate financial need.

Apply now

Application deadline is March 31st, 2023. Recipient will be announced in April.

Past Scholarship Recipients:

  • Ardalan Askarian and Jennyfer Rodriquez (2022)
  • Paraa Soni (2019)
  • Thanh Nhan Vo  (2018)
  • Jianlin Li ($500) (2018)
  • Martin Yadkoo (2017)
  • Sunita Rai and Samrita Sunuwae (2016)
  • Monica Tamang (2015)
  • Liza Fanjul, Maple Creek (2014)
  • Eh Ah, Moose Jaw and Razan Suliman, Moose Jaw (2012)
  • Adam Osman Adam, Moose Jaw, Farida Ahmad, Saskatoon, and Yesira Abdalbyine, Regina (2011)
  • Elaheh Ahmadi, Regina; Khatereh Azimi, Regina; Ngai Sian Dim, Saskatoon; Htee Moo Paw, Regina (2010)
  • Nahid Faizali, Regina and Yan Ling Zhen, Regina (2009)
  • Iyounia Rabayaa, Regina (2008)
  • Shakiba Shakouri, Regina (2007)
  • Monica G. Kerbs, Moose Jaw (2006)
  • Masoud Safi, Regina (2005)
  • Naima Timayare, Saskatoon (2004)

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