Using Generative Artificial Intelligence in the TESL Classroom

Friday, April 5th, 2024 @4 pm - 5 pm CST (via zoom)

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Event Details:

This session will introduce educators to generative artificial intelligence while highlighting its potential uses and limitations. This session will also include a refresher on crafting good prompts, and strategies for incorporating these tools into their classrooms.

Presenters: Ann Liang

Ann Liang is currently the Business Librarian at the University of Saskatchewan for the Edwards School of Business. Often, she can be found teaching students information literacy, research skills and marketing research. Ann’s dreams include running Jurassic Park or being the next Indiana Jones. After obtaining a B. Sc. Biology and a B.A. Archaeology from the University of Saskatchewan, she ultimately decided that being a librarian offered the best of both worlds and completed her MLIS at Western in 2015 and became the User Experience Librarian at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Ann is always trying to improve the user experience of students and faculty and stays on top of new developments that can help them. Ann has a research interest in academic integrity and co-chairs the Saskatchewan Academic Integrity Network. Her work with academic integrity led to looking at how artificial intelligence is affecting academia and how to help students and faculty understand and incorporate artificial intelligence into their education and lives

March 14, 2024 | Jerry Wang

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