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Survey, webinar and COVID-19 related resources for April, 2020.

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April 9, 2020

Saskatchewan Arts Alliance - COVID-19 Impact Survey: Cultural Organizations

The Saskatchewan Arts Alliance has designed a survey to track the short-term impacts of social distancing in cultural organizations in Saskatchewan. The survey is focused on the lived experiences of cultural organization sin Saskatchewan and will help the sector once the situation is over.

The deadline is April 16, 2020. The survey is available here.

Click here to learn more.

Prairie Central District & Creative i Marketing - Social Media Essentials Webinar

Prairie Central District is hosting a webinar tailored to small non-profit organizations, volunteers, leaders and anyone tasked with overseeing social media. The webinar will be on Thursday, April 23, 1PM-4PM. Click here to register.

For more information, please visit their website or contact Aileen at [email protected] or 306-726-2087.

Regina Public Library powerful computer resources help fight COVID-19

Several powerful computers and servers at Regina Public Library are working overtime to help stop the spread of COVID-19, even as books, toys and other library resources wait on the shelves.

On April 2, Regina Public Library began sharing five powerful Digital Media Studio computers, donated by Greystone Financial, and several servers normally used to run the library's public computing workstations to support the folding@home project. This project allows private individuals and organizations to donate their unused computer resources to crunch data for scientists fighting diseases including COVID-19.

Read more.

Webinar: Mitigating COVID 19 When Managing Paper Based, Circulating, and Other Types of Collections

Dr. David Berendes and Dr. Catherine Rasberry from the Centers for Disease Control presented an overview of the CDC's guidance for community settings and environmental disinfection, and a discussion of how libraries, archives, and museums can help mitigate COVID-19 when working with paper-based, circulating, and other types of collections.

Click here to watch the presentation.

More information is available here.

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